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We are a leader in Nondestructive Testing (NDT) training services. Our training provides both the knowledge and qualifications that NDT personnel need to succeed.


Our Unique Approach

What makes Hellier different?  There are a few things:

First, our proven course materials are continuously updated. 

Second, our instructors that are true experts with the knowledge and training to share this NDT knowledge with adult student of all ages. 

  • All instructor have numerous years in the field as level II’s so they are able to their real world experiences. 
  • All instructors believe that hands on application  enhances understanding and they use lab or shop exercise to bring life to the facts and theories taught in the classroom.  
  • Our instructors focus on quality, safety and doing things right, not how fast you do a task or what company you work for. You will be measured by your ability to understand NDT information and your ability to perform NDT correctly every time, every task. 

Third, Hellier is a safe place to make mistakes and learn from this experience.   Hellier instructors have a passion for NDT and want to share that passion with anyone willing to learn and work hard.